September 06, 2011

It's been so long...

Dear Blog,

I've not written on you in far too long. I've not stopped coveting, wanting It's just I've been really focused on schooling. Not long now before I can back to being vapid and vain. I'm already back on track. I'm in love with a pair of shoes. Would you believe it - they're pink! And yet I rather love them. Just look at them:

Eric Michael Shoe - Kamielle
RRP $130

They're also rather lovely in blue, my favourite colour, but the fuschia is just so vibrant! I'm sure it'd bleed if it got wet, but ah well. I have these on a Wishlist at ModCloth, but haven't bought as I'm both broke and as ModCloth now only do international sales through PayPal (grumble).

Maybe when Summer finally hits Australia, these shoes will find their way into stores, and I will be able to have a Cinderella moment with them. For now, I will leave their image with you, blog, so you have a momento of me to hold onto whilst I go insane finishing up my final year of study.

Much love to you.
Miss you,

June 29, 2011

Oh! Marimekko

Ah, End of Financial Year sales! When every damn store puts things on sale, and there's a mad rush to try and nab some bargains just in case July starts, and everything becomes incredibly expensive again. You buy things you don't necessarily want, just because it's on sale, and you think it's a bargain. You end up spending more money than you would've if you were in a rational frame of mind...

Every time one of my favourite shops - MAKE - has a sale, I froth at the mouth, and try to avert my eyes. So many wonderful products that I don't need get reduced by maybe $20, and I think "BARGAIN! Must have! It's so much cheaper than it was! Now it's only $300!". Thankfully MAKE is a nice shop, and they tend to restock their items instead of going through stock madly to follow trends; this means that for the past 3 years, every sale they've had, they've discounted the same products. This is great for me when stocking up on Queen Bee candles, but it means every time they have a sale, I um and ahh as to whether I should spend a small fortune and buy myself this:

Marimekko Olkalaukku bag
Image from MAKE Designed Objects

I know it will be there for at least the next year, and probably go on sale again later this year. What stops me buying it is that I have no need for it, real or IT'S A BARGAIN I'M IN THE HEAT OF THE SALE MOMENT real. I want it though. I have another Marimekko bag, much larger, and it's good stuff. I've mistreated it muchly, and it looks the same as it did the day I bought it; it can carry really heavy loads with less hesitation than myself. I know if I bought this smaller bag, that it would last me a lifetime. I know I'd use it. But I don't need it. I have bags enough. And it's not a fashion bag, as such, and I do like frocking up...

The conundrum is, I won't know how much I would use this bag until I owned it. But even on sale, it's over $150, and I'm...stingy.

What to do? What to do? If only someone would buy it for me! That would solve all my problems. Anyone? Anyone? No? Damn. It was worth a shot.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to buy myself a pair of knee-high, flat boots. I have been looking for a perfect pair for nearly 3 years now, and whilst the price goes up, the fashions go weird, and I never find what I want. Or if I do, it has no tread on the sole, and what is the point of a shoe with no tread? Really!

So, yes, End of Financial Year sales. You bastards.

April 11, 2011

Kate Spade

Why have I never heard of Kate Spade before today? I'm almost certain someone was hiding her from me, because she makes me go squee! I'm coveting her dresses truly, madly, deeply...

All Images from Kate Spade

I think I've seen her designs before - or seen rip-offs of her designs - but I've never known the name 'Kate Spade'. Now I do, though. It's a good thing. Shush, wallet, it is a good thing! I will deal with you later...

March 13, 2011

Awkward romance

I'm up for a bit of Mr Darcy romantic action right now. Unfortunately for me, I'm only going to get it watching this clip a few half dozen times. It'll have to do.

Thank the gods for Colin Firth.

March 01, 2011

Kinki Gerlinki Makes My Day

Inside my curvy, plump, 5ft 7 (and a half!) frame, there is a petite ballerina, with strawberry blonde hair, struggling to get out. She longs to wear delicate, semi-transparent silks, crocheted netting, and light, airy dresses which float about her in an ethereal manner. I will be out and about, then see a beautiful dress that she aches to try on, so I humour her and give it a go. It almost always ends with both of us disappointed; my hips plump the skirt out too much, too tautly, or my bust threatens to rip the princess seams; my heaving, poor-postured ribcage pushes out the fabric in a bumpy mess, whilst my wide shoulders are given no room to move; my legs look like wooden stumps, and my ankles appear sturdier than Miss Piggy's. Sizing up produces similar, comical effect, creating the illusion that I have no waist, and am a curved-corner rectangle with gigantic bosoms.

Personally, I blame 'fit models', or rather, I blame those who choose who will be their clothing line's 'fit models'. A 'fit model' is basically a model on whom the designer bases all their designs (and sizes) around; their measurements become crucial when the designer sizes up or down, as all they do is add an extra few inches of material to the 'standard' bust-waist-hip ratio set by the fit model.

Of course, this isn't the model's fault, nor am I trying to make a case for 'skinny vs curvy' or anything silly like that. Having met quite a few fit models, though, I do question why they get chosen in the first place. You'd think a designer would choose a more common body shape wouldn't you? Often women considered to have more 'ideal' body shapes are chosen - and when I say 'ideal', I mean fashion industry ideal, supermodel ideal, 5% of the population ideal. When I've compared my measurements to a fit model's, I can automatically see why there really are some brands whose pants never suit me, and why in some brands I'm an AUS size 8, and others an AUS size 14. There is no true standardisation anymore (for more information, look up 'standardised clothing''s an interesting subject), and this makes things frustrating for the modern, western woman and the current ways in which we shop. It explains why online and vintage shopping is very popular too, as bust-waist-hip measurements are more likely to be given with online garments, whilst vintage garments tend to offer a more curvaceous shape (though often petite) that offer more tailored looks.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, my issue is that I often can't squeeze my larger frame into a lot of modern-day fashion, and that the more delicate, sweet, ethereal kinds of fashion always seem to be tailored for those who are already quite small in stature. Look at Anthropologie. I love those garments greatly, but know that, on me, they just wouldn't follow the same silhouette. And so my little, inner ballerina dies a little.

I have a similar problem with Kinki Gerlinki clothes. I love the shop, the premise, and can certainly fit into the funky, retro accessories they tend to stock. But I want to fit into their more delicate ranges, and I often can't. Many a Kinki-Gerlinki skirt I've tried on has looked great, but I've been too scared to sit down in it.

Thankfully, Kinki-Gerlinki is great at getting feedback from customers. They do try their best to make quirky designs that will suit all shapes and sizes. And that is how I've come across this dress:

50s Wattle Print Frock
Image from Kinki Gerlinki

My inner petite girl goes squee, and yet my heaving bosom thinks "I could wear that print easily!". There is something so wonderfully daggy about the print too - very Dame Edna - very Australiana, but in a joking kind of way. I think it's a fabulous dress! And I'm sure I can fit into it better than other floral print dresses from Anthropologie.

To be honest, I am still to try the dress on. I know that, once I do, I will not want to take it off, and I just really have no sartorial need more dresses. I just love this for all it is. I've gone beyond just loving dresses purely for how they make me look....

This could get expensive.