December 31, 2010

A game of chess that'll make you stand up!

No, seriously - if you don't stand up, you won't be able to move the pieces around! Well, that is if you decide to play Straight Up Chess, the vertical version of chess. Let me show you what I'm babbling about:

Black Cherry Series with 3 1/2 inch Dark Scoop Frame
From Straight Up Chess

See? You hang the chessboard on your wall, and the pieces sit on little protruding shelves! Cool huh?!

I grew up with a beautiful chessboard my uncle made for my parents - a huge wooden table, with drawers for the pieces, plus a leather inlay with the board and images of my parents' star signs on it (hey, it was the 70s). I'm therefore of the belief that a chequerboard should be visible in one's home, even when not in use. It's distinguished! Possibly snobby, but then, so am I.

Straight Up Chess have a variety of boards, pieces and frames to choose from meaning you can go all snobbish and match the whole thing to your lounge room decor, or go all nerdy with unique pieces, making the thing even more of a talking piece. Let's peruse, shall we?

For the Egyptologist...

...jazz enthusiast...

...D&D freak...

...thankfully there are also traditional pieces in a choice of materials (wood, marble, pewter), which is more my cup of tea. They even have ideas for what to do with the pieces that get kicked off the board, which is very cute of them.

As for prices, most of the boards look set at around $200 (US), sans pieces/shipping. Obviously that's a little extravagant for poor ol' me, but...but but but!! I think I really want one. I know I really want to buy one for my boyfriend for his birthday. The last chess set I bought him was 'Beer Chess'. We've lost almost all the shot's time for an upgrade!

(Get it? Upgrade? Upgrade? Oh never mind. I laughed.)

December 28, 2010

Shoes for a Graphic Artist

Too gimmicky? I would love to see a pair of these shoes in person to see how comfy they look. Otherwise, as a budding graphic designer, I would love to own a pair!

Jeffrey Campbell Pencil Shoes
Available from ModCloth

December 27, 2010


A vintage gown with measurements that fit mine? Oh, you tease!


From The Frock

December 15, 2010

Christmas List

My goodness, it's been a while since I've posted anything substantial! I've been so not-very-busy this silly season, but at the same time, I feel that I have. Got lots on the mind, so haven't been coveting enough! Bad consumer, K! Bad, bad!

Don't worry, I'm back on board with a Christmas Wishlist - for myself. It mostly comprises of clothes! Who would've thought? Nothing will fulfil me until I have fulfilled my wardrobe to the brim. Or something like that. What's weird is that, even though it's summer where I am, I've been mostly wanting to buy jackets and coats. Such as these gems from ModCloth (all prices in US dollars):

Tell the Chartreuse Coat

Dusk Flurries Coat

Then again, as it's the Silly Season, I'm also looking a fabulous party dresses to wear to parties I can only dream up in my head. Most of them have a real wintry feel about them, such as:

Destined for Stardom Dress

...but I really have enough party dresses to last me through the next five years without being seen in the same party frock twice, so I should concentrate on light, easy-to-wear summer dresses that will see me through a hot, Australian summer.

Richly Royal Dress


My only problem with ModCloth is that I'm between their Medium and Large sizes. They used to list the full measurements of their garments on their site so I could make a more informed choice on whether I could squeeze into the M or whether the L would be far too big to bother with, but now they only list the length. As an international buyer, it makes me less inclined to buy from them as returning garments is bloody costly. Ah well.

Shoes are also on my wishlist. I love a good pair of shoes, as I'm sure I've mentioned before many times, but I tend not to buy any, as I just don't wear them. I stick to two pairs for the majority of the time until they wear out. My main issue with shoes is that I believe you should be able to walk in the damn things, preferably without crippling yourself. When I try on a shoe, I ask myself whether they're up to a night of walking, dancing and standing (or some combination of the three). If they don't meet a minimum of two requirements, I don't buy 'em.

I'm getting offtrack, aren't I? Basically, all I meant to say was that I've been eying off a pair of shoes at a local shoe store which UPDATED pass two out of three requirements (standing and walking - just) and are being sold for cheaper than their RRP. However, they only have one pair left in my size (9, if you're asking), and they're not the colour I'd prefer (green!). They are in trusty black though, and by gods, they makes my legs look incredible. Honestly, they look less ridiculous on my feet than they do in the website photo, and the green is much more saturated a colour:

"Hannah" shoe
$169.95 (Australian)
From RMK Shoes

Also on my wishlist is practically everything currently at Peter Alexander and Seychelles Footwear. I'd like some books, but at the moment, I'm one bookshelf down (my damn IKEA bookshelf broke), and in need of a storage solution for a mass of books currently stacked up against a wall. I'm thinking a piano stool would be lovely. I miss my piano so much, so a piano stool would be nostalgic for me, plus it could act as an extra seat for guests, a (somewhat high) footstool, and I could whack a good deal of books in there. Something like this:

Oxford Single Box Piano Stool
From Miller's Music Centre

...although looking at it, I doubt it would hold all the books currently bookshelf-less. Maybe a piano stool and some cube storage thingies from Freedom.

Apart from all that, I'd love some new perfume. The Body Shop has a new one out called Love Etc which has a few of my favourite notes in such as pear and jasmine.

From The Body Shop Australia

The fact that it comes in a parfum is good - none of that watered down toilette stuff! - and it's also available as a solid perfume, which makes it easier to carry some around with you without worries of it leaking or the bottle getting smashed. Naturally, The Body Shop have all bases covered and you can also buy moisturisers and shower gels with the scent in it too.

So there! That's my Christmas wishlist. Geez, it's pretty crap, isn't it? No real dreamy products or anything that isn't highly predictable for me. I must be getting old. Oh, maybe one more thing - a new swimsuit or some goggles. It's swimmin' season!

December 02, 2010


A few post ago, I mentioned how I would love some paper storage units, but was having trouble finding some that I liked. Well, I finally found the most gorgeous storage unit, and I want it so very, very, very, very much!!!

Here is the beauty...

From The Second Hand Shop

Of course, there is an issue: price. This beauty is priced at $2695 (Australian dollars). Excuse me whilst I faint.

*passes out*


She is so glorious, though, and the price is actually reasonable! But I simply can't afford her solid, Australian oak drawers. I've only seen her online, to be honest, but I am slightly in love. I don't really have a place to keep her, either, if I'm honest, so I suppose it's not meant to be. Maybe I'll meet her poor cousin, and run off with her instead....

Back to the drawing board...

October 19, 2010


So I've written about MAKE before on this blog. I love it, and its products. MAKE my inner design nerd go squee and all that.

Guess what? They're having a sale. 15% off every product (bar one, ultra-fancy, coffee making machine, which they've only just got in stock) in store!! And, would you look at that? My birthday is - gasp! - only a few weeks away!

Yes, this post is exactly what you think it is. I want MAKE gifts. I'll tell all my friends and family about this amazing, wonderful sale, which is great even for those living interstate, because - look at that! - they have an online store! Will this result in me scoring lots of groovy goodies for my birthday? No. Why not? Because no one willing to buy me a birthday gift happen to realise just how good MAKE is! When I rave on about it, their eyes glaze over, and they watch me froth at the mouth. That, and I'm not worth over $30, unlike most of the products at MAKE.

Instead, what is more likely to happen, is that I'm going to go in there and buy everyone else gifts, in preparation for Christmas. At least that way I get to have them in my possession for a short while, and wrap them up stylishly for the giftee. Then the giftees will love and cherish their MAKE gifts, and I will continue to ram it down their necks where the product was bought from, whilst they try to watch the tele.

You'll listen to me, won't you readers? Of course you will. Nod and smile, nod and smile...

The Think Chair

How brilliant is this?

"The Think chair is...the first product to ever receive Cradle to Cradle™ Product Certification" - from

This chair has it all - functionality, green cred, and good looks. If you're ever 'done' with the chair, and decide you no longer want its comfort for your arse, it can be taken apart into separate materials making it ready to be re-made into something completely new. Sounds like recycling huh? It's better! With recycling, the original material usually gets broken down so much that it loses much of it's original capability. Not with this baby.

I'm doing an awful job explaining things. Here, go on the Think Chair mini-site, and see what I'm on about (also create your own chair!! Yay!!).

Design: you've come a long way, baby.

October 14, 2010

Oh Peter!

Peter Alexander has me dreaming of pretty sleepwear again...

All images from Peter Alexander website

How cool are those Vegemite jar pants?! Every Aussie backpacker in Europe should have a pair.

There are plenty more pastel-and-pretty designs, but I'm really liking the bold colours. It's saying "SPRING! Darling! Thank *gods* you're here! I've been *dying* to feel your sunshine, gorgeous. Come drape yourself over me".

Or something like that.

October 09, 2010

Too cute tech gimmicks

I've not really used Etsy too much, though I have browsed the website. However, a friend has pointed me towards TopDecal, whose cute, gimmicky, tech skins have taken my eye...

Yes, yes, yes, I have a Mac, and I want to accessorize it. Can you blame me when there are products like Rainbow Keys?

All images from TopDecal's Etsy store

Not to mention the groovy iPhone skins available (though I don't have an iPhone, unfortunately):

Aren't they just so groovy? I want! I want! Maybe I can buy people iPhone skins for Christmas...cheaper than buying myself an iPhone, and I'll still get enjoyment over the gimmicky skins! Joy for all!

October 06, 2010


Images taken from this site

Flully balls of doughy goodness! Don't give me that double-fried bollocks of Krispy Kreme, I'm wanting some good ol', fried-til-puffy-not-oily doughnuts to satiate my sweet tooth! Iced, sugared, powdered, nutted, filled with custard or jam - I'm not fussy!

Ah, I used to live near a rather good (well, reliably good and consistent) doughnut shop, but now I struggle to find that. My favourite local bakery can hit the mark, but not all the time, unfortunately. I still am to find a jam bismark that fulfils my childhood memories of freshly fried ones of golden-brown, with *proper* jam inside. Still, right now, I could just go so plain doughnut holes.


September 14, 2010

Ballet, darling.

Image from The Australian Ballet website

Oh! How I love the ballet!

The Australian Ballet has announced their 2011 season, which involves performing "Romeo & Juliet", "Madame Butterfly" and "The Merry Window". I'm giddy with excitement. I've decided that I'm going to get myself a subscription for next year. If I do that, then I'll be sure to make time to go see the ballet, rather than do what I do now - see the ads, salivate, wish upon a star that I could go, then don't.

I've never seen the national company perform. Having grown up in Western Australia, I got to see the WA State company instead, which was always brilliant. However, they weren't well funded, so shows were always small, with simple sets and costumes. The dancers were sublime, though. I'll never forget seeing Benazir Hussain perform the role of Lady Capulet. Benazir is very tall for a ballet dancer, and, en pointe, she made her entrance in this dress which was slashed at the sides to give her legs room to kick all the way up with each step. She was incredible.

I hardly know any of the dancers or choreographers currently in the national company, so I can't wait to get involved and read up about everything that's going on. It's all so exciting! I'll be sure to post again once I've managed to secure a subscription, so watch this space! (Or just wander off, dancing; that's fine too).

UPDATE! I gots mah subscription! Three ballets I see! Can't wait! I've already received my little ballet newsletter in the mail too, so I can start to drool over which dancers I reckon I'll like! Yaaaaay!!!

September 10, 2010

You should be dancing...


I've got to find somewhere big and empty, with a sound system, so I can plug in some music just dance!!

September 07, 2010


If you like buying pretty dresses online, then no doubt you will have heard of the online store 'ModCloth'. If you haven't heard of it, you may have seen the online ads for it - it's basically a online store which sells retro-looking clothes and accessories for more than they're worth simply because they look so damn cute and aren't necessarily easy to find elsewhere. I should know - I've bought three dresses from there, and two pairs of shoes. I even have a few wishlists with them, but that's a covet story....

ModCloth run the 'cute' theme through the naming of each of their items. For example:
Should-er I Stay or Should I Go Dress
(All images from ModCloth)

L'Orangerie Skirt

Greensleeves Top

They even have competitions where you "Name It And Win It", and the cheesiest or most clever name for a product wins the product. However, I don't think they quite realise what they're saying with the name of this product...
Yes, you read that correctly. ModCloth want you to glove the one you're with. Obviously, they've never watched 'This Is Spinal Tap'...

August 31, 2010

Seychelles, you tease!

Seychelles has done it to me again. They've designed a shoe that I am seriously coveting, in colours that leave my jaw hanging, and...they still don't ship to Australia direct from their website!! Bugger!

Above: 'Kiss At Midnight' shoe
All images from Seychelles.

Plus, they have another pair of oxfords out with a lower heel, meaning cuteness that's wearable *every* day without screwing up my knees or avoiding cobblestones!

'Mercury' oxford

I may have to email the lovely lady who helped me get my Seychelles Blimey oxfords earlier this year...

'Password' shoe in mustard

I waaaaaaant!!!!! I coooooovet!! I am already mentally pairing these shoes with my pretty dresses. This could end up in tears (of frustration). My birthday and Christmas can't come soon enough!!

August 18, 2010

I heart Peter Alexander

You know those stores you go into and think "Oh dear gods, I could do some serious damage to my savings account in this place"? I've a few on my list - MAKE, T2, Koko Black (and other chocolate stores), stationery stores, bookstores, good bakeries - but I've never really had a 'fashion' or 'clothes' store on the list.

Then I met Peter Alexander.

Or rather, I was introduced to Peter Alexander's sleepwear stores.

Images from Peter Alexander website and catalogue

At first, I thought it was a rip-off - $80 for a piece of polyester to sleep in? Flannel pyjamas in garish prints? Ugg boots?! Why, it was practically kitsch! However, my eye had been drawn to his more elegant line of nighties...the 'slinky nightie'. I had heard about these, and how popular they were, so went into a store to see what the fuss was about.

From a distance, they looked sexy; the material was soft and slinky, and felt really nice. However, I couldn't get over the fact that it was polyester. Plus, there was lace, which, having experienced polyester lace on other items of sleepwear over the years, irked me, as it was usually scratchy and left me in a rash. I screwed up my nose and walked out. But that nightie stuck in my mind for months, and for my birthday gift to myself one year, I shelled out the $60 and bought one.

You know what? It was totally worth it.

It is my favourite thing to sleep in! The lace doesn't itch, and the polyester isn't suffocating. It's so slinky and sexy, I feel like I'm sleeping on satin sheets, only I'm not sliding around the bed or freezing cold. I've since also bought (from Peter Alexander) some over-the-knee bedsocks (best bedsocks I have) and a gown (not as high a quality as I hoped, but still lovely), plus many gifts for other people. However, I still only have the one slinky nightie, and I want more. Mr Alexander brings out a handful of new designs each 'season', with previous seasons selling out (or no longer being available), which is clever marketing, indeed. Then there's the different knickers, camis, and all sorts of feminine goodies he brings out with each new season...

It's too much to consume! I'm avoiding his store, trying to save my pennies, and just stalking some items online, and getting my kicks that way. It's a sad story at the moment for this little consumer, but will hopefully end up with a happy ending of some sorts.

August 17, 2010

For mah tootsies

A pair of flat, knee-high boots which I can wear everyday, to replace my Diana Ferrari riding boots (like these) from 2001 which I've nearly worn out. That's what I want!

August 15, 2010

We all live...

...for quirky mugs.

Image from Plasticland

It will still never beat my Henry VIII and his six wives mug with the ornate handle which I once owned before said ornate handle was broken by my dad, but it's pretty cool! Gimme!

August 14, 2010

Stock Up On Sard Soap

Something I've always wanted to be a part of, but have always been too timid or scared to instigate is a...


My choice of weapons would mainly be:

The tomato (obviously) Image from here

and dairy products Image from here

Any other weapons would be chosen depending on location, situation, enemy and spontaneity.

August 10, 2010

Loads and loads and loads....

I am swimming in paper.

Studying something that only involves reading books and typing out things must be so nice. You print up any essay/report you need to, in a neat, A4 format, bind it if you please, and store it in a neat little box, or set of drawers. Studying graphic design is far, far messier. Oh sure, you have to read books and make heaps of photocopies, plus do a lot of research online, but then there's the sketches, the test prints, the stocking up of good paper, the pens, the pencils, the paints, the inks, the cutting mats, the light boxes, the projects which you practically kill half a rainforest for but still aren't happy with, the job bags, the plastic sleeves, the multitude of different paper formats littered over the floor of your tiny, cramped living space, because you never have time to clean anymore!

It's messy and annoying. Especially if you happen to live in a flat that's susceptible to rising damp. Leave a project up against a particular wall for any longer than two weeks, and it gets either water damaged or covered in mould. Hmm...and I wonder why I have a persistent cough...?

Anyway, this is what I want:
Image from Premier Storage in the UK

I would even go as far to say that I need this paper organiser. I'm on the hunt for it, but it's looking set to be difficult. Okay, okay, I've only tried Officeworks and IKEA, but still, art stores don't supply them, and most of the places I've found that *do* do so for offices and classrooms (ie: bulk buying is the only option).

Oh, did I mention I want it in a wood finish? Yup. Making it doubly hard for me to find one. Careless with my projects, super-fussy about storage units. Oh yeah, this is going to be such fun to find...

August 04, 2010

Whiffy sniffy

About five years ago, a friend gave me a miniature perfume as a thank-you gift for helping out with her wedding. I'd never really worn perfume before, as I could only really afford those hideous aerosol fragrances you can buy at the local supermarket. My knowledge of perfume was from my Mum and Nan's collections - Joop!, Opium, Charlie - all rather cloying or synthetic. Chanel No.5 was, in my mind, the epitome of what a perfume was meant to smell like. I had no idea how much perfume had changed...

My gift was a tiny bottle of Calvin Klein's 'Truth'. I popped off the petite lid and released a fragrance so fresh, alive, and powerful it took me aback. Those eau de toilettes I'd grown up on were simply watered down synthetics. This was parfum! A dab on my neck pulse was all that was needed to waft the scent about me and make me feel beautiful and feminine.

I made that little 15ml last nearly a year. When I ran out, I just couldn't go back to the eau de toilettes and aerosols. I saved up my pennies, and sought out a full bottle of the elusive "Truth" parfum. It proved difficult to find. Calvin Klein were pushing their new ranges, despite there still being a demand for "Truth". I persevered, and, finally, snapped up the last bottle in the Melbourne area which had only just gone on the shelf.

That was about three years ago now, and my (massive) bottle of parfum is running low. As much as I love the scent of it, because I'm so used to it, it no longer has that same vibrancy to me as it did all those years ago. So I'm looking for a new scent. It's a daunting thing. Perfume counters are notoriously overstaffed, with the clerks determined not to let you 'browse' on your own, and doubly determined to make a sale. I have to work up enough courage to be up for the task; I'll practice saying "No!" in a firm, definite voice, make sure I'm loaded up on antihistamines and tissues, take a bottle of water (palate cleanser), and won't let myself be bullied into buying anything but what I want.

In the meantime, I'm seriously hoping I'll be able to snag a miniature perfume from someone to tide me over for another year. Please, parfum only.

July 24, 2010


Oh, beautiful Chai. I met you about five years ago, and knew it was meant to be. A friend brought you to me all the way from India, and told me to treat you gently; one part water, one part milk, a bountiful teaspoon of you, and a squeeze of honey, all slowly stirred over a low heat. That was how I first had you. You were incredible; so complex, softly moving your flavours around my mouth and leaving me in an utter state of bliss.

After I had completely consumed you, I assumed our dalliance was over. It never occurred to me to look for you at the Indian grocery store to continue the romance. A year or two later, I began to see your name around the caf├ęs. You'd sexed up your look by frothing up your milk, and serving yourself up as a 'Chai Latte'. How could I resist? No sooner had my tongue tickled the tip of your frothy peak than I eagerly pulled you into me. I wanted to both savour and devour you. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Now, I can't deny that I am rather in love with you, Chai. I want you so often, but don't always have the time to brew you up the way you deserve. I'm a tea drinker of old, but I'm contemplating buying some kind of hot milk frother for those occasions when it's just the two of us, with time to spare, and we're feeling a bit kinky. I could never reduce you to powder, or go for a tarted-up imposter . Maybe, when I'm more confident of myself around you, I'll help you bloom by adding you to custards, cookies and decadent desserts. In the meantime, I'll keep you out of direct sunlight, in a dark, dry tin, so as not to abuse your delicate nature. All I ask in return is that you fill me with your gorgeous, beautiful, loveliness.

Gods, I want you so much.

July 23, 2010

Play / Pause

Some days, I don't want anything but for the present to last.

Okay, okay, maybe a time-pausing gadget would be cool as well. Actually, what am I saying? A time-pausing machine would be brilliant! I'm writing that down on the covet list...

July 21, 2010


A new store has opened up just around the corner from where I live. It's set in a particular place which I walk past nearly every day, and the shop happens to be the discount version of a fashion store I can rely on for finding something I like when necessary.

It is full of dresses. Discounted dresses. Cute dresses. Which I want, but don't need...but want!

Ah geez, why am I never satisfied and so easily tempted? I indulged only one week ago, shipping in some socks from America, which I'm still waiting for, and hoping I don't regret. I may have to find a new way of walking home which avoids the pretty dresses. Preferably in my toasty warm, thigh high socks.

Ha! Take that dress shop! I don't need you! I just need imported socks...and, obviously, some serious willpower.

UPDATE: Socks have arrived. Socks are on mah feet. Socks are brilliant!!! Might takes photos later.

July 14, 2010

Rainbow Cake.

I want to make a rainbow cake. Or rainbow muffins. Or just rainbows. That'd be cool...

July 08, 2010

Gift Registry

There is a store near where I live, which I absolutely love, and can spend hours browsing through. It's called MAKE, and if you like good design, groovy household products, or even just witty gimmicks, you should check it out. I even bought my schoolbag from there.

Screen grabs all from MAKE website

Anyway, I have just been browsing the site forlornly, as their mid-year sale ended on July 1st, and I didn't get to snap up a few goodies I've been coveting for years, because I bought myself new lenses for my glasses instead. Tch. Whilst there, however, I noticed that they do that wonderful thing: a gift registry! Free to create; free shipping; free gift wrapping! How grand!

It's probable I'll never have a wedding gift registry, as I seriously doubt I'll ever marry, so I'm trying to think of other reasons why I could allow myself one. Seems a bit rude to have a gift registry for a birthday or housewarming. If only they had a 'wishlist' option instead, which I would make as public as possible (Aunty Shirley? Remember me? No? Oh, well here's a wishlist I've created, and my address. Feel free to start sending me Christmas gifts).

Of course, many of the things I'd like to buy at MAKE would be gifts for other people. I'll list a few, just so you get some images.

For my cousin's 18th birthday:

A wind-up 'music ball' for my friend who bought me a cow-shaped creamer for my birthday:

This, for my friend who always takes over the task of BBQ-ing at parties:

And this for his wife with the homewares addiction:

Not to forget this for my friends' first home:

Actually, that last one is quite affordable, but I've been too afraid to buy it in case they don't like it. You know, I've bought more things from this store for friends than I have for myself. Obviously a wishlist could restore the balance? Maybe being able to list what I want, without any purchases being made, would stop my coveting? Wait, that's what this blog is for...damn.

UPDATE: Today, I crossed off two things from my imaginary wishlist. Consumer glee!