March 29, 2010

I want to...

...sing this song at Karaoke!


Splish Splash

I so want a bath right now.

For whatever the reason - being a water sign, Australian, or just growing up with a beach-going family - I love the water. Okay, watching 'Jaws' as a 3 year old, and regular summers of sunburn has put me off the beach a little. And yes, swimming at the local pool/baths can be off-putting unless you're there to 'pick-up' or are somewhat athletic. But I like baths. I can do baths and bathing. I looooove soaking until I'm all macerated. Heaven.

Problem is, I don't have a real bath where I live. I have a 'shower/bath' combination, where the bath is more of an afterthought. It isn't long enough for me to recline in, and is enclosed with shower screens so I can't hang my head over the edge or anything languid like that. It doesn't promote relaxation, that's for sure, and is certainly not my ideal bath - although a quick image search proved I'm not really sure what my ideal bath looks like. Maybe something close to this could do me well enough...

There's also the issue of water restrictions in Oz. When state water storage is below 40%, you tend to stick to 4min showers at the maximum. It's not easy, and is possibly a little smelly, but it's for the greater good. Unfortunately, it puts major guilt on bath lovers like myself. If I've had an awful week, and I know a bath will help me feel better mentally/physically/ I still do it?? Damn you, temptation! Damn you water levels!! I get more anxious just thinking about it.

One of my favourite things to do, is to save up my pennies and go to a day spa. I say this as if it's a regular thing - I've been twice. We have 'Spa Country' where I live, a region of the country devoted to 'taking the waters'. Trust me - they're worth the price. It could be part placebo, part healing waters, but I'm buying it. Well, when I can afford it. Then there's the Japanese Bathhouse, (Sento), something I'm still to try out. The question is whether to go with friends and do the whole nudity thing with them, or whether to go it alone. So many decisions. It's stressing me out!

Dammit, I'm tired, grumpy and I want a bath. A good bath. A deep, hot, bubbly bath, with the lights dimmed, some kind of view (where no one can see in, of course), maybe scented candles or an oil burner going on...oh, gods, how I want that so badly. Gimme!!

March 28, 2010

Gimme cake!

No doubt you've all seen The Super Mario Kart cake

created by Beth from 'Let Them Eat Cake' in California.
(Image © M.A.L. from Flickr)

Sure, there's probably more icing than cake, but it's so cool! I've a big WANT for epic cakes. I try to make myself a fancy cake for every one of my birthdays, but there is no way I'm able to create something quite so gorgeous as the above. My last two cakes have been like this:

Strawberry layer cake with sugared rose petals and white chocolate ganache.

Hazelnut Meringue Cake with raspberries, caramel and chocolate.
(It tasted sooo much better than it looked!)

Mmmm....moist! I haven't any photographs of cakes from other previous years, unfortunately, so you'll have to take my word for it when I say I've made Nigella's Cloud Cake, and a ridiculously rich Chocolate and Guinness cake, too. With my birthday being near the end of Spring, though, I try to go for something other than chocolate, like the Strawberry Gateaux I made one year - flourless, without a mixmaster to whip my egg whites, just a Swift-Whip!

Ah cake. How I want you. How I want to be able to create you like The Super Mario Kart cake! Let me leave you with a cake song that you'll be humming for the rest of the day...

March 27, 2010


What better way to get this ridiculous blog started than with shoes? I am in love with these :

'Blimey' Oxfords from 'Seychelles Footwear'

They just look so damn cute! If Seychelles were in Australia, I'd probably have bought these shoes by now. I can find them online, but I like to try shoes before I buy. I'm sure they're somewhere in Melbourne or Sydney, but I'm clueless as to wear...sorry...where.

Anyway. Covet - COVET!

In the beginning...

There is no good reason why this blog exists for public viewing. It is really only for my benefit - my list of goodies! My precious...

I'd introduce myself, but I'm rather dull. I have no great talents, am not going to change the world, nor am I industrious or studious. I am, however covetous. I want everything I don't have. Okay, that's hyperbole, but you get the point. There's so much stuff out there, and I'm a greedy, little consumer. I want so much! I'm like Verruca Salt without the weird fan-boy following and Daddy issues.

So this blog is my therapy. Rather than daydream and internalize my wishes and desires, I'm making them public. This may shame me, humiliate me, titillate me, or just help me take a step back and see that I covet too much crap. Doesn't matter, it's being made, and you're welcome to view, comment, laugh and scorn. You never know - it might even be entertaining.