April 30, 2010

Today, I have been mostly wanting...


And not just any old gelato, the best gelato in Melbourne: Casa del Gelato in Carlton!

Three scoops of deliciousness!
Image from Mel: Hot or Not,

If you are in Melbourne, and you like tasty gelato (or ice-cream, for that matter), you must go here. Many copy-cats have arisen, with fancy shop-fronts and fluffy looking gelato, but Casa del Gelato holds a special place in my heart.

I was lucky enough to live only 5mins walk away from Casa del Gelato when I first moved to Melbourne. Many a summer night was spent strolling up, queuing up, and picking out three scoops from the 50+ flavours (in a cone, please). Chocolate was, and still is, my ultimate favourite, but what to go with it? Berries, nuts, citrus, tropical flavours like coconut and even durian, so I've heard (in a secret stash out the back!), all with a velvet-smooth, creamy texture! Tough decisions, but each one deliciously rewarded upon first lick - or, if you're like me, first smooch.

Unfortunately, I no longer live in walking distance of Casa del Gelato, otherwise I'd satiate my desire right now for the chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut. Instead, I'll have to salivate all over my keyboard, and, if I can be bothered, walk to the local milk-bar for a packaged ice-cream. But, secretly, quietly and covetously, I will go to bed tonight, dreaming of all the wicked things I want to do with that chocolate gelato.

Mmmm...sweet dreams indeed.

April 20, 2010

The Ongoing Shoe Saga

Forgive me, Shoe Fairy, for I have bought.

I found a pair of The Shoes I'm coveting, online, on sale, but in a size larger than I think I may need (damn confusing US sizing). They were there, I was there...it was an impulse decision.

May my purchase be fruitful and my covetous arse be subdued.


UPDATE, 29th April: The shoes arrived!

They're lovely both on and off, with sturdy laces, a rubber sole (insert Beatles reference here) for traction (I know! Traction! On a women's shoe! At last!) and especially comfortable for my narrow-with-high-arches feet. Only problem is they're half a size too big! Dammit!!

Seychelles has kindly said that I can buy a pair from their online store...only I dilly-dallied for so long waiting for the bigger pair to arrive, that now it appears the 9.5 pair are no longer available at the online store!!

Should I see it as a sign, and give up? It seems silly to do so now, after seeing them look so lovely on my feet...

Buggerit. I've had a long day, and am in need of water and sleep, not shoes. Plus, why the hell do I all of a sudden feel like eating doughnut balls? Maybe I should think about this tomorrow with a clear head, or at least hope the answer will come to me in my sleep.


April 19, 2010

May I wax your satchel?

I want an excuse to buy one of these satchels:

From the Cambridge Satchel Company in the UK

There's something so charming about a leather satchel! They represent the reckless-yet-reserved, British public-school kid in all of us. I really would love to buy one. Of course, first I'd have to decide on a colour. I like the purple, yellow, red and navy (the browns are obviously gorgeous; 'obviously' being the key word). Then, to monogram or not? Whatever the decision, I'd soon wear the thing in...it looks waaaay too pristine as it is.

If I could afford the extravagance, I'd buy one of these as a gift for someone. I'd wrap it up properly, present it to them, then watch their eyeballs swell with their smile. If they didn't like it, I'd have the perfect excuse to keep it for myself! Brilliant!

Of course, I already own a satchel: my fabric Marimekko satchel, which I've delegated to school duties. It cost me a fair whack, but it's a tough bastard who likes (and takes) it rough. Haven't lost a stitch yet. So I don't need a satchel; that's not really the point of this blog, though. My current handbag is disintegrating by the straps...perhaps one of these satchels could be its ridiculously expensive replacement? Oooo happy thoughts!

Forgive me, I can't help but dream and covet. Winter is arriving fast here in Australia, and I'm fantasizing about spending most of it wearing a cute pinafore, stockings/over-the-knee socks and heeled oxfords. A satchel would be the perfect accompaniment!

Ah well, a girl can covet. And I do.

April 16, 2010

I heart flobberty-gook.

I have a soft spot for novelty items. Clever novelty items, mind you, not just any old pap. Sure, I'll giggle if I see an inflatable sheep but I'll roll my eyes at an inflatable banana; I will buy a $20 ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup, but baulk at the thought of doling out $20 for a cardboard deer head. You get my drift.

However, as shown in my post about Epic Cakes (oh yeah, they deserve to be proper nouns), I like a gimmicky cake. The Australian Woman's Weekly's Birthday Cake cookbook is to blame for that, I suppose. I'm certainly blaming it for my current want of this:

From Fred & Friends

A cake mould shaped like a sandwich! Crazy!! Okay, okay, so it's not brilliant, and sure, fancy cake moulds aren't new, but this shape means you're less likely to screw it up if the cake goes awry. Apparently, if you buy this silicone cake mould, you get a recipe for a pound cake with a 'PB&J' filling, which, I'm guessing, is the one in the pic. Not sure how tasty it is, but it's the gimmick that has me. Heck, I still enjoy hamburger cakes, which are usually made of icing!

Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Heston's Feasts. I would love to throw a gimmicky tea party for friends and have the PB&J sandwich cake as one of the tidbits. Some teacupcakes would go well too, as would Fairy Bread. In fact, that's what I really want - to host a Mad Hatter's/Willy Wonka tea party. Without the drunk mice or fatalities, obviously. Perhaps for my next (un-)birthday...? Ooo, I feel a plan coming on!

April 15, 2010

Wanna go see a movie?

It's time to stock up on the buttered popcorn and maltesers - there's a movie I want to go see! I hadn't even heard of it til some of my geekiest friends started raving about it. Then some of my most critical friends raved about it. So I watched the trailer:

...and now I want to see it so I can go raving on about it! Sure, it's a theme that's been explored already, but it looks like fun. C'mon now, I bet I'm not the only one who has fantasized about being a cool superhero, am I? Actually I think I fantasize more about being in a *movie* where I'm playing the role of a superhero...or just having superpowers...no matter! I want to see this film!

April 13, 2010

In the same vein

The post below put me in mind of this, from Dylan Moran :

Oh Dylan, you sexy, crazy, drunken Irish man, you! I want you too. With the shoes, obviously.

Actually, there is a possibility the shoes may be mine after all...so long as I'm willing to spend a bucket load of cash to get one pair sent out to me. Decisions, decisions. Shut-up vanity, you're the one who got us here in the first place!.

Sorry about that. I get passionate about these things. They make me want to dance. Kinda like this:

April 11, 2010

Oh noes!!

So I finally saved up enough money to buy the gorgeous shoes I'm currently hard-arse coveting:


'Blimey' Oxfords from 'Seychelles Footwear'

Only trouble is, they've all sold out!!!!

I cannot find any online store which has these in stock, size 9/9.5, colour Whiskey. Nowhere! Nor are they stocked anywhere in Australia. Seychelles online store has them, but they only sell to the US and Canada. I've emailed them to ask if they're willing to mail a pair to me directly, but I'm only one little customer, upside down and around the globe.

Oh I so want them!!!! They will make my ankles look little and I shall totter about in them like Bambi. Pleasepleaseplease magic Shoe Fairy, let them be mine!

April 09, 2010

Gimme macarons!!

Image from Paris Breakfasts blog

Their chewy-but-crispy, delicate deliciousness is irresistible!


April 07, 2010

Reflections Of My Covetous Self

I'm currently coveting this:

A beautiful, little pocket mirror by designer Margot Elena at TokyoMilk.

This one in particular features the curious Alice gracing the front, but you can get other styles of course. A must have for someone as vain/paranoid as moi! It's not very expensive, but, like most things, I'd like to see it in person, pick it up, go squee, and then buy it. Obviously.

April 02, 2010

Gimme some peace and quiet!

My upstairs neighbour loves to renovate. For five years, he's lived in the flat above me, hammering, sawing, drilling, sanding, tinkering. Out of the two hundred and sixty weeks I've known him, he has spent maybe a whole of three not doing any handiwork around either his flat or the block I live on.

Many a Saturday morning, I've groggily been awoken by his renovating something directly above me. No sooner have I stumbled to the kitchen then he's outside, re-paving the shared driveway, walking back and forth past my window, looking in each time until I respond with a wave and begrudged smile.

NB: I'm sorry, but I believe, on the weekend, you should only acknowledge neighbours once they are showered and/or dressed - you do not peer into their damn window whilst they're still in their dressing gown making breakfast. Even if it is noon. It's just rude.

Of course, once I'm awake, showered, dressed, and ready to leave my flat, my renocrazy neighbour is in the shared stairwell, vacuuming, or drilling something that doesn't need drilling but he has the drill out anyway, so he may as well. If he's not in the stairwell, then he's out in the 'garden' re-mulching, or trimming the hedge - anything to keep himself super busy.

He's a lovely guy, if not a bit of a content middle-class suburbanite (nice for some, dull for me). He just really needs a shed and a house to tinker with, not a tiny flat directly above me. Thankfully, he's bought one! Yay!

Now he's 'preparing his flat for market'. That means a mad rush of more renovations before he finally leaves. A week ago, I was awoken to what sounded like a shovel being scraped repeatedly over concrete, directly above my head - soon found out he's re-carpeting his entire flat. He's also 'tidying' up the whole block as only he knows how: loudly. Right now, he's gardening...with power tools. It's a public holiday, I'm recovering from a bad illness, I just want to sleep and he's got the leaf-blower out.

What I really want is some peace and quiet. I'm hoping whoever buys the flat is a very quiet, non-renovator. I may need to take some action to be sure of this. This is what I'm thinking of:

If you ever get to watch the whole episode of the above (Men Behaving Badly, Season 3, Episode 'Casualties'), do. The lads spend most of the episode going to great lengths to put off prospective buyers of the flat above them. I think I need to go watch it again myself, just to refresh! In the meantime, my neighbour has appeared to have gone in for lunch...I can hear his radio...ah! Finally! A bit of quiet time. For now...