April 19, 2010

May I wax your satchel?

I want an excuse to buy one of these satchels:

From the Cambridge Satchel Company in the UK

There's something so charming about a leather satchel! They represent the reckless-yet-reserved, British public-school kid in all of us. I really would love to buy one. Of course, first I'd have to decide on a colour. I like the purple, yellow, red and navy (the browns are obviously gorgeous; 'obviously' being the key word). Then, to monogram or not? Whatever the decision, I'd soon wear the thing in...it looks waaaay too pristine as it is.

If I could afford the extravagance, I'd buy one of these as a gift for someone. I'd wrap it up properly, present it to them, then watch their eyeballs swell with their smile. If they didn't like it, I'd have the perfect excuse to keep it for myself! Brilliant!

Of course, I already own a satchel: my fabric Marimekko satchel, which I've delegated to school duties. It cost me a fair whack, but it's a tough bastard who likes (and takes) it rough. Haven't lost a stitch yet. So I don't need a satchel; that's not really the point of this blog, though. My current handbag is disintegrating by the straps...perhaps one of these satchels could be its ridiculously expensive replacement? Oooo happy thoughts!

Forgive me, I can't help but dream and covet. Winter is arriving fast here in Australia, and I'm fantasizing about spending most of it wearing a cute pinafore, stockings/over-the-knee socks and heeled oxfords. A satchel would be the perfect accompaniment!

Ah well, a girl can covet. And I do.

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