April 16, 2010

I heart flobberty-gook.

I have a soft spot for novelty items. Clever novelty items, mind you, not just any old pap. Sure, I'll giggle if I see an inflatable sheep but I'll roll my eyes at an inflatable banana; I will buy a $20 ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup, but baulk at the thought of doling out $20 for a cardboard deer head. You get my drift.

However, as shown in my post about Epic Cakes (oh yeah, they deserve to be proper nouns), I like a gimmicky cake. The Australian Woman's Weekly's Birthday Cake cookbook is to blame for that, I suppose. I'm certainly blaming it for my current want of this:

From Fred & Friends

A cake mould shaped like a sandwich! Crazy!! Okay, okay, so it's not brilliant, and sure, fancy cake moulds aren't new, but this shape means you're less likely to screw it up if the cake goes awry. Apparently, if you buy this silicone cake mould, you get a recipe for a pound cake with a 'PB&J' filling, which, I'm guessing, is the one in the pic. Not sure how tasty it is, but it's the gimmick that has me. Heck, I still enjoy hamburger cakes, which are usually made of icing!

Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Heston's Feasts. I would love to throw a gimmicky tea party for friends and have the PB&J sandwich cake as one of the tidbits. Some teacupcakes would go well too, as would Fairy Bread. In fact, that's what I really want - to host a Mad Hatter's/Willy Wonka tea party. Without the drunk mice or fatalities, obviously. Perhaps for my next (un-)birthday...? Ooo, I feel a plan coming on!

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