April 11, 2010

Oh noes!!

So I finally saved up enough money to buy the gorgeous shoes I'm currently hard-arse coveting:


'Blimey' Oxfords from 'Seychelles Footwear'

Only trouble is, they've all sold out!!!!

I cannot find any online store which has these in stock, size 9/9.5, colour Whiskey. Nowhere! Nor are they stocked anywhere in Australia. Seychelles online store has them, but they only sell to the US and Canada. I've emailed them to ask if they're willing to mail a pair to me directly, but I'm only one little customer, upside down and around the globe.

Oh I so want them!!!! They will make my ankles look little and I shall totter about in them like Bambi. Pleasepleaseplease magic Shoe Fairy, let them be mine!

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