April 20, 2010

The Ongoing Shoe Saga

Forgive me, Shoe Fairy, for I have bought.

I found a pair of The Shoes I'm coveting, online, on sale, but in a size larger than I think I may need (damn confusing US sizing). They were there, I was there...it was an impulse decision.

May my purchase be fruitful and my covetous arse be subdued.


UPDATE, 29th April: The shoes arrived!

They're lovely both on and off, with sturdy laces, a rubber sole (insert Beatles reference here) for traction (I know! Traction! On a women's shoe! At last!) and especially comfortable for my narrow-with-high-arches feet. Only problem is they're half a size too big! Dammit!!

Seychelles has kindly said that I can buy a pair from their online store...only I dilly-dallied for so long waiting for the bigger pair to arrive, that now it appears the 9.5 pair are no longer available at the online store!!

Should I see it as a sign, and give up? It seems silly to do so now, after seeing them look so lovely on my feet...

Buggerit. I've had a long day, and am in need of water and sleep, not shoes. Plus, why the hell do I all of a sudden feel like eating doughnut balls? Maybe I should think about this tomorrow with a clear head, or at least hope the answer will come to me in my sleep.


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