April 30, 2010

Today, I have been mostly wanting...


And not just any old gelato, the best gelato in Melbourne: Casa del Gelato in Carlton!

Three scoops of deliciousness!
Image from Mel: Hot or Not,

If you are in Melbourne, and you like tasty gelato (or ice-cream, for that matter), you must go here. Many copy-cats have arisen, with fancy shop-fronts and fluffy looking gelato, but Casa del Gelato holds a special place in my heart.

I was lucky enough to live only 5mins walk away from Casa del Gelato when I first moved to Melbourne. Many a summer night was spent strolling up, queuing up, and picking out three scoops from the 50+ flavours (in a cone, please). Chocolate was, and still is, my ultimate favourite, but what to go with it? Berries, nuts, citrus, tropical flavours like coconut and even durian, so I've heard (in a secret stash out the back!), all with a velvet-smooth, creamy texture! Tough decisions, but each one deliciously rewarded upon first lick - or, if you're like me, first smooch.

Unfortunately, I no longer live in walking distance of Casa del Gelato, otherwise I'd satiate my desire right now for the chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut. Instead, I'll have to salivate all over my keyboard, and, if I can be bothered, walk to the local milk-bar for a packaged ice-cream. But, secretly, quietly and covetously, I will go to bed tonight, dreaming of all the wicked things I want to do with that chocolate gelato.

Mmmm...sweet dreams indeed.

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