May 13, 2010

As promised...the Ongoing Shoe Saga, fini!

The shoes!!!

No wonder my career as a Betty Grable impersonator never quite took off! I do like the Anne Boleyn look, though.

Verdict? I looooove the shoes! Not only are they gorgeous and comfortable, but they were packaged in such a way that my inner design-geek went squee! A day or two ago I had shopper's guilt about buying them. Did I really want the shoes, or did I just want to look pretty like the blog girls did in them? Probably more the latter, BUT! I realised that I will still be wearing these shoes in ten years, and will congratulate myself on a great buy. I tend to do that a lot...grab an item from my wardrobe, and admire my buying brilliance. Then I usually put it away and wonder when the hell I'm going to wear it again...

Anyway! The shoes are perhaps still half a size too big, but that gives room for swelling (eww) whilst also giving me an excuse to buy some lovely knitted, over-the-knee socks to pair with them. Brilliant! In the meantime, I've got a 60s look to rock out with my op-shop orange coat:

Man, I want more stockings. I mean stockings, not pantyhose. First I need to find the right suspender belt, though, so I can wear the stockings with my every-day gear without it being obvious. But that's another post...

These photos really do the shoes no justice. You wouldn't think that I was a design student by the poor quality of the photos and Photoshopping either...certainly not one who has, just scored herself a scholarship for her graphic design course!! I know! Crazy!! I'm thinking a new camera may be bought...anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. I'll finish off by saying that Seychelles make a damn fine shoe, and look after their customers very well. Also - I may still not be as pretty as a blog girl, but damn, my feet look good!

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