May 16, 2010


One thing I will never understand is the teasing of red-haired people.

Why all the jokes? What's wrong with red hair? Okay, okay, yes, we all know it's caused by a recessive gene, but humans beings are inherently flawed, so there's no need to harp on about it. Personally, I find red hair to be so absolutely beautiful.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted red hair. There are a few images which I think swayed this opinion in me:

Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club
Image from Ali On The Air blog

Frizzy Nicole Kidman
From Mia Makila's blog

My childhood idol, Queen Elizabeth I
Public domain.

Yes, I am an 80s child. Yes, it shows.

To this day, I am still biased towards people with red hair. I will 'check out' those with red hair far more than those with other hair colours. When I first met my boyfriend, and told him of my red-hair preference, he dug out his old kindergarten photos to prove he was once a 'ginger', and swore to me that his beard grew red (it does). As awful as it sounds, knowing he had the red-hair recessive gene, and seeing a few red strands through his hair actually made me more attracted to him.

To this day, I still want gorgeous, red hair. Maybe strawberry blonde, or deep rose. I wouldn't go punk pink-red, and maybe not Vyvyan Orange. Red highlights look cool, but I'm not cool. I want an all-over red. Any of the Pre-Raphaelite reds. Sure, not all reds would suit me, but I just want red hair, dammit. Red, red, red.

Of course, I've dyed my hair at home many, many times. Nothing beats whacking a rinse through to perk me up for 8-10 washes. I've tried black, deep brown and even blonde, but usually choose red. I've only once had it dyed red professionally, and by gods, it looked divine. Deep rose, with a cut that made my hair bounce and look thick. Shame I couldn't afford to keep going back to that hairdresser.

Speaking of which, it's time to get my hair cut again. It's been a good three or four months since my last cut and my hair hates me for it. I don't enjoy going to the hairdressers, to be honest...well, not since I stopped going to the one aforementioned. My hair is really awful, thanks to genetics and a bad liver, and the local hairdressers always look so disgusted by it. Still, it needs a cut, and I haven't coloured it for awhile. Maybe I'll see about going strawberry blonde. I've a few pennies saved, so I could possibly afford it.

In the meanwhile, I'll just have to be a mousy brown. Eugh.

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