May 06, 2010

A name, at last!

I have loved a particular kind of flower for quite a while now. My love for it is starting to overtake my supreme love for the lily, and yet, I've never been able to put a name to its petals. Until just now:

Image from Garden Guides

Of course! I know the name so well! I've never grown them myself, or known many people who've grown them, so I haven't been able to store it in my memory next to the gorgeous image of the bloom. Thankfully, that has now been put to rights.

I want a vase full of these flowers; I want to draw their full bulbs and delicate stems; I want my local florist to stock them so that, even if I can't afford to buy them every week, I may walk by and see their beautiful faces every week. I want to remember their perfume; I want to have a tea party and scatter these about the table...


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