May 10, 2010

Pretty dresses

You'd think from the previous posts on this blog that I was a 'shoe obsession' kinda gal, wouldn't you? Well, you'd be ever so slightly wrong. Whilst I love shoes, I'm extremely fussy about them, and hardly ever buy any.

Bugger, broke my promise. Anyway!

My girly obsession is with dresses. Not only do I love them, but I keep buying them. It's bad. I have at least four new-ish dresses in my wardrobe that I have not yet worn; all quite dressy, all bought online. I don't get to wear them, cuz I don't go anywhere fancy. Even with my tendency to over-dress for casual events just so I can 'air' one of my many dresses, these four have still not been worn.

It's not just fancy dresses though. I keep buying 'everyday' dresses on the premise that "If my wardrobe is full of dresses, I'll have no choice but to wear one every day", and will therefore feel pretty every day. I keep forgetting that I don't always feel confident enough to wear a dress - it's windy outside, it's freezing, my legs are gross, it's sugar-pill week, I'm having a fat day (etc etc).

And yet - I want another dress. Two, in fact. A brown, tweed pinafore and a green dress of some description. Hence I'm on ModCloth everyday, or I check Anthropologie, or a beautiful fashion blog, searching for something I might like. Right now, I have a tab open in my browser, looking at 'Old Fashioned Pretty', and wishing myself into the images it's showing. Just look:

Images from Old Fashioned Pretty blog

From Strawberry Koi

Really, I should head out to Northcote or somewhere groovy to check out the retro-esque shops rather than look online at expensive dresses I can't try on or even afford. I'd be much better behaved if I could feel the fabric and see the price tag. I may be covetous, but I'm notoriously tight-arsed.

So I've imposed a little dress ban on myself. No, nothing as ridiculous as the Australian government's rumoured dress ban. Rather I am not to buy myself any more dresses, unless they're as close as possible to the most perfect green something or brown tweed dress that I can currently afford.

That ought to nip it in the bud.

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