May 31, 2010


I've just been reminiscing with an old friend. Well, an old video. Well, a new video clip of an old movie. Oh just click the link.

By gods, Gene Kelly could dance. He had strength and sex appeal. No cutesy numbers like Fred Astaire would pull out - serious feats of choreography, physical endurance and emotion. Especially when he danced with Cyd Charisse - va va voom! Those two had some serious chemistry and technical ability going on. Cyd Charisse could rock it on her own, to be fair, but with Gene Kelly, there was magic.

Note the green dress...covet...image sourced from The Pop History Dig, image from "Singin' In The Rain"

I would've loved to have been a dancer, specifically a ballerina. I took lessons early on, but heard my mum complaining about having to drive me to them, so gave it up. Dumb thing to do. I would take up lessons now, only I'm lacking in cash and time. Plus, as it would only be for recreation, I kinda feel undeserving of lessons...or something silly like that. Still, I want to know how to dance properly: swing, salsa, ballet, waltz, foxtrot, all sorts. I want to kick my legs up like Cyd Charisse without getting a cramp. I want to be flung around by some guy who knows his moves, without treading on his toes or passing out. I want to bend, writhe, and move. I want to dance!

Maybe in the holidays, I'll go to a local salsa class. I might even head out to the Bloch store, and kit myself out whilst coveting the pointe shoes. More likely though, I'll sit on the couch, eating ice-cream, watching old movies and envying those dance moves.

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