May 04, 2010

This is what happens when I procrastinate

I have quite a few deadlines for schoolwork creeping up on me this week, so naturally, I've been time-wasting online. I'm very good at it, with a bevy of sites to keep me entertained for months on end without really engaging my brain properly. Still, though, I should know better than to go here:

Image from EpiCute: The Cute Food Blog

Damn you EpiCute! Now I want cupcakes! Not a fruity muffin, not a slice of moist cake, no pie or even chocolate, just some ridiculously sweet and over-rated cupcakes.

Cupcake cravings are evil, as I find they're only really cured by having a cupcake. Then another. Then another; and another; and a few more, then thinking "Gee, cupcakes really don't hit the spot", feeling sick, and wondering why the hell I craved one to begin with. This usually coincides with me dropping from the sugar high, and getting really disappointed with cupcakes. Until, of course, I see cupcakes like these:

Hamburger cake, eat your heart out! Another EpiCute pic. Shame about the can of cola ruining the photo.

And the whole vicious cycle begins again.

Anyway, I'm trying not to think about them. I really need to get back to my homework. Although there are ingredients in the kitchen to make a small batch of, no, no, I can't. I won't. I'll avoid temptation and any nastiness to my poor stomach.

Ah, cupcakes. Little hussies.

May 6th PS: I partially resisted temptation. I did bake last night, only I made muesli slice (with chocolate chips). My belly is stuffed with the oaty, fruity and chocolate-y goodness, so much so that I no longer want a cupcake. Cure!

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