June 29, 2010


It's nearly 2am, I'm too tired to keep watching the World Cup, I've polished off a half-bottle of Bordeaux, and for whatever reason, I'm craving this:

Image from here, but I'm pretty sure the original can be found in Nigella Express or at Nigella Lawson's website

That's a Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae, people. It is delicious. I never used to be a fan of 'bits' in ice-cream until a friend got me onto Rocky Road ice-cream. Then I was buying my own salted peanuts and going crazy with them, top-class ice-cream and home-made chocolate ganache.

Of course, even putting together a packet of peanuts, some ice-cream and my own ganache can be too much work (or lazy, take your pick). I want to be served my dessert! Right now! In a fancy sundae glass too. Please.

I think it's the salt I want, or something, thanks to the dehydrating wine. Who knows. The reality is I'm going to go to bed without this delicious piece of salty creaminess (please, no smutty jokes[possibly NSFW]) in my belly.

One day, I will go to Cold Rock. Oh yes indeed. I'll buy a tub, and all will be well.

UPDATE: I had a Snickers bar instead. It satisfied, but it didn't really satisfy.

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