June 16, 2010

Warm tootsies.

I get cold feet. No, literally - very cold feet. My toes go blue.

You'd think that, with this kind of problem, I would be mistress to a dozen slippers or so. In the past, I had some great slippers, and I've even owned a pair of Uggs (hey, I was six at the time. They were an Aussie staple for years before the rest of the world donned them). Now, though? I ain't got one pair of slippers, and it's for the stupid reason that my boyfriend doesn't like them. Ridiculous, I know, but he has some issues about different wardrobe items, and if I'm wearing something that curls his lip, then no lovin' for me. Damn compromises.

So how do I keep my tootsies warm and the BF happy? Well, I haven't quite worked that out, really. I've been trying socks as remedy over the years, but none have fit all my requirements, namely:

• Keep feet warm
• Not be itchy (no pure wool - sensitive skin)
• Look good on my feet so as not to offend the BF

Surely finding socks that fit these categories would be easy? Well, I'm struggling. I've trawled through many sock stores here in Oz, found a nice pair, but never in my size (big feet - size 9). Or when I think I've found a good pair that fit, I bring them home, and the BF wrinkles his nose.

Dammit, I want warm feet! Is that so much to ask? I'm beginning to look at sock websites, but can't quite bring myself to pay shipping on a pair of socks. There has got to be the perfect place to buy them somewhere in Oz. I'm thinking pairs like these:

All images from Sock Dreams

So please, if you know of anywhere in Melbourne, Australia, where they sell a good, warm sock - preferably in pairs - please tell me before my toes fall off.

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