July 21, 2010


A new store has opened up just around the corner from where I live. It's set in a particular place which I walk past nearly every day, and the shop happens to be the discount version of a fashion store I can rely on for finding something I like when necessary.

It is full of dresses. Discounted dresses. Cute dresses. Which I want, but don't need...but want!

Ah geez, why am I never satisfied and so easily tempted? I indulged only one week ago, shipping in some socks from America, which I'm still waiting for, and hoping I don't regret. I may have to find a new way of walking home which avoids the pretty dresses. Preferably in my toasty warm, thigh high socks.

Ha! Take that dress shop! I don't need you! I just need imported socks...and, obviously, some serious willpower.

UPDATE: Socks have arrived. Socks are on mah feet. Socks are brilliant!!! Might takes photos later.

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