August 18, 2010

I heart Peter Alexander

You know those stores you go into and think "Oh dear gods, I could do some serious damage to my savings account in this place"? I've a few on my list - MAKE, T2, Koko Black (and other chocolate stores), stationery stores, bookstores, good bakeries - but I've never really had a 'fashion' or 'clothes' store on the list.

Then I met Peter Alexander.

Or rather, I was introduced to Peter Alexander's sleepwear stores.

Images from Peter Alexander website and catalogue

At first, I thought it was a rip-off - $80 for a piece of polyester to sleep in? Flannel pyjamas in garish prints? Ugg boots?! Why, it was practically kitsch! However, my eye had been drawn to his more elegant line of nighties...the 'slinky nightie'. I had heard about these, and how popular they were, so went into a store to see what the fuss was about.

From a distance, they looked sexy; the material was soft and slinky, and felt really nice. However, I couldn't get over the fact that it was polyester. Plus, there was lace, which, having experienced polyester lace on other items of sleepwear over the years, irked me, as it was usually scratchy and left me in a rash. I screwed up my nose and walked out. But that nightie stuck in my mind for months, and for my birthday gift to myself one year, I shelled out the $60 and bought one.

You know what? It was totally worth it.

It is my favourite thing to sleep in! The lace doesn't itch, and the polyester isn't suffocating. It's so slinky and sexy, I feel like I'm sleeping on satin sheets, only I'm not sliding around the bed or freezing cold. I've since also bought (from Peter Alexander) some over-the-knee bedsocks (best bedsocks I have) and a gown (not as high a quality as I hoped, but still lovely), plus many gifts for other people. However, I still only have the one slinky nightie, and I want more. Mr Alexander brings out a handful of new designs each 'season', with previous seasons selling out (or no longer being available), which is clever marketing, indeed. Then there's the different knickers, camis, and all sorts of feminine goodies he brings out with each new season...

It's too much to consume! I'm avoiding his store, trying to save my pennies, and just stalking some items online, and getting my kicks that way. It's a sad story at the moment for this little consumer, but will hopefully end up with a happy ending of some sorts.

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