August 10, 2010

Loads and loads and loads....

I am swimming in paper.

Studying something that only involves reading books and typing out things must be so nice. You print up any essay/report you need to, in a neat, A4 format, bind it if you please, and store it in a neat little box, or set of drawers. Studying graphic design is far, far messier. Oh sure, you have to read books and make heaps of photocopies, plus do a lot of research online, but then there's the sketches, the test prints, the stocking up of good paper, the pens, the pencils, the paints, the inks, the cutting mats, the light boxes, the projects which you practically kill half a rainforest for but still aren't happy with, the job bags, the plastic sleeves, the multitude of different paper formats littered over the floor of your tiny, cramped living space, because you never have time to clean anymore!

It's messy and annoying. Especially if you happen to live in a flat that's susceptible to rising damp. Leave a project up against a particular wall for any longer than two weeks, and it gets either water damaged or covered in mould. Hmm...and I wonder why I have a persistent cough...?

Anyway, this is what I want:
Image from Premier Storage in the UK

I would even go as far to say that I need this paper organiser. I'm on the hunt for it, but it's looking set to be difficult. Okay, okay, I've only tried Officeworks and IKEA, but still, art stores don't supply them, and most of the places I've found that *do* do so for offices and classrooms (ie: bulk buying is the only option).

Oh, did I mention I want it in a wood finish? Yup. Making it doubly hard for me to find one. Careless with my projects, super-fussy about storage units. Oh yeah, this is going to be such fun to find...


  1. I'm looking for this too! Why is it so hard to find? All my old classmates wanted it too. In artschool you find these closets, but where to buy them...I saw a website thecontainerstore where they sell boxes where you can organise those big papers, but it's a store in America and I want to buy it in Holland. I'm thinking about building my own papercloset. I mean, it can't be that difficult.
    Right now I'm using a paperclip to hold every project together and put it on the floor...:(


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