August 31, 2010

Seychelles, you tease!

Seychelles has done it to me again. They've designed a shoe that I am seriously coveting, in colours that leave my jaw hanging, and...they still don't ship to Australia direct from their website!! Bugger!

Above: 'Kiss At Midnight' shoe
All images from Seychelles.

Plus, they have another pair of oxfords out with a lower heel, meaning cuteness that's wearable *every* day without screwing up my knees or avoiding cobblestones!

'Mercury' oxford

I may have to email the lovely lady who helped me get my Seychelles Blimey oxfords earlier this year...

'Password' shoe in mustard

I waaaaaaant!!!!! I coooooovet!! I am already mentally pairing these shoes with my pretty dresses. This could end up in tears (of frustration). My birthday and Christmas can't come soon enough!!

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