August 04, 2010

Whiffy sniffy

About five years ago, a friend gave me a miniature perfume as a thank-you gift for helping out with her wedding. I'd never really worn perfume before, as I could only really afford those hideous aerosol fragrances you can buy at the local supermarket. My knowledge of perfume was from my Mum and Nan's collections - Joop!, Opium, Charlie - all rather cloying or synthetic. Chanel No.5 was, in my mind, the epitome of what a perfume was meant to smell like. I had no idea how much perfume had changed...

My gift was a tiny bottle of Calvin Klein's 'Truth'. I popped off the petite lid and released a fragrance so fresh, alive, and powerful it took me aback. Those eau de toilettes I'd grown up on were simply watered down synthetics. This was parfum! A dab on my neck pulse was all that was needed to waft the scent about me and make me feel beautiful and feminine.

I made that little 15ml last nearly a year. When I ran out, I just couldn't go back to the eau de toilettes and aerosols. I saved up my pennies, and sought out a full bottle of the elusive "Truth" parfum. It proved difficult to find. Calvin Klein were pushing their new ranges, despite there still being a demand for "Truth". I persevered, and, finally, snapped up the last bottle in the Melbourne area which had only just gone on the shelf.

That was about three years ago now, and my (massive) bottle of parfum is running low. As much as I love the scent of it, because I'm so used to it, it no longer has that same vibrancy to me as it did all those years ago. So I'm looking for a new scent. It's a daunting thing. Perfume counters are notoriously overstaffed, with the clerks determined not to let you 'browse' on your own, and doubly determined to make a sale. I have to work up enough courage to be up for the task; I'll practice saying "No!" in a firm, definite voice, make sure I'm loaded up on antihistamines and tissues, take a bottle of water (palate cleanser), and won't let myself be bullied into buying anything but what I want.

In the meantime, I'm seriously hoping I'll be able to snag a miniature perfume from someone to tide me over for another year. Please, parfum only.

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