September 14, 2010

Ballet, darling.

Image from The Australian Ballet website

Oh! How I love the ballet!

The Australian Ballet has announced their 2011 season, which involves performing "Romeo & Juliet", "Madame Butterfly" and "The Merry Window". I'm giddy with excitement. I've decided that I'm going to get myself a subscription for next year. If I do that, then I'll be sure to make time to go see the ballet, rather than do what I do now - see the ads, salivate, wish upon a star that I could go, then don't.

I've never seen the national company perform. Having grown up in Western Australia, I got to see the WA State company instead, which was always brilliant. However, they weren't well funded, so shows were always small, with simple sets and costumes. The dancers were sublime, though. I'll never forget seeing Benazir Hussain perform the role of Lady Capulet. Benazir is very tall for a ballet dancer, and, en pointe, she made her entrance in this dress which was slashed at the sides to give her legs room to kick all the way up with each step. She was incredible.

I hardly know any of the dancers or choreographers currently in the national company, so I can't wait to get involved and read up about everything that's going on. It's all so exciting! I'll be sure to post again once I've managed to secure a subscription, so watch this space! (Or just wander off, dancing; that's fine too).

UPDATE! I gots mah subscription! Three ballets I see! Can't wait! I've already received my little ballet newsletter in the mail too, so I can start to drool over which dancers I reckon I'll like! Yaaaaay!!!

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