October 19, 2010


So I've written about MAKE before on this blog. I love it, and its products. MAKE my inner design nerd go squee and all that.

Guess what? They're having a sale. 15% off every product (bar one, ultra-fancy, coffee making machine, which they've only just got in stock) in store!! And, would you look at that? My birthday is - gasp! - only a few weeks away!

Yes, this post is exactly what you think it is. I want MAKE gifts. I'll tell all my friends and family about this amazing, wonderful sale, which is great even for those living interstate, because - look at that! - they have an online store! Will this result in me scoring lots of groovy goodies for my birthday? No. Why not? Because no one willing to buy me a birthday gift happen to realise just how good MAKE is! When I rave on about it, their eyes glaze over, and they watch me froth at the mouth. That, and I'm not worth over $30, unlike most of the products at MAKE.

Instead, what is more likely to happen, is that I'm going to go in there and buy everyone else gifts, in preparation for Christmas. At least that way I get to have them in my possession for a short while, and wrap them up stylishly for the giftee. Then the giftees will love and cherish their MAKE gifts, and I will continue to ram it down their necks where the product was bought from, whilst they try to watch the tele.

You'll listen to me, won't you readers? Of course you will. Nod and smile, nod and smile...

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