December 31, 2010

A game of chess that'll make you stand up!

No, seriously - if you don't stand up, you won't be able to move the pieces around! Well, that is if you decide to play Straight Up Chess, the vertical version of chess. Let me show you what I'm babbling about:

Black Cherry Series with 3 1/2 inch Dark Scoop Frame
From Straight Up Chess

See? You hang the chessboard on your wall, and the pieces sit on little protruding shelves! Cool huh?!

I grew up with a beautiful chessboard my uncle made for my parents - a huge wooden table, with drawers for the pieces, plus a leather inlay with the board and images of my parents' star signs on it (hey, it was the 70s). I'm therefore of the belief that a chequerboard should be visible in one's home, even when not in use. It's distinguished! Possibly snobby, but then, so am I.

Straight Up Chess have a variety of boards, pieces and frames to choose from meaning you can go all snobbish and match the whole thing to your lounge room decor, or go all nerdy with unique pieces, making the thing even more of a talking piece. Let's peruse, shall we?

For the Egyptologist...

...jazz enthusiast...

...D&D freak...

...thankfully there are also traditional pieces in a choice of materials (wood, marble, pewter), which is more my cup of tea. They even have ideas for what to do with the pieces that get kicked off the board, which is very cute of them.

As for prices, most of the boards look set at around $200 (US), sans pieces/shipping. Obviously that's a little extravagant for poor ol' me, but...but but but!! I think I really want one. I know I really want to buy one for my boyfriend for his birthday. The last chess set I bought him was 'Beer Chess'. We've lost almost all the shot's time for an upgrade!

(Get it? Upgrade? Upgrade? Oh never mind. I laughed.)

December 28, 2010

Shoes for a Graphic Artist

Too gimmicky? I would love to see a pair of these shoes in person to see how comfy they look. Otherwise, as a budding graphic designer, I would love to own a pair!

Jeffrey Campbell Pencil Shoes
Available from ModCloth

December 27, 2010


A vintage gown with measurements that fit mine? Oh, you tease!


From The Frock

December 15, 2010

Christmas List

My goodness, it's been a while since I've posted anything substantial! I've been so not-very-busy this silly season, but at the same time, I feel that I have. Got lots on the mind, so haven't been coveting enough! Bad consumer, K! Bad, bad!

Don't worry, I'm back on board with a Christmas Wishlist - for myself. It mostly comprises of clothes! Who would've thought? Nothing will fulfil me until I have fulfilled my wardrobe to the brim. Or something like that. What's weird is that, even though it's summer where I am, I've been mostly wanting to buy jackets and coats. Such as these gems from ModCloth (all prices in US dollars):

Tell the Chartreuse Coat

Dusk Flurries Coat

Then again, as it's the Silly Season, I'm also looking a fabulous party dresses to wear to parties I can only dream up in my head. Most of them have a real wintry feel about them, such as:

Destined for Stardom Dress

...but I really have enough party dresses to last me through the next five years without being seen in the same party frock twice, so I should concentrate on light, easy-to-wear summer dresses that will see me through a hot, Australian summer.

Richly Royal Dress


My only problem with ModCloth is that I'm between their Medium and Large sizes. They used to list the full measurements of their garments on their site so I could make a more informed choice on whether I could squeeze into the M or whether the L would be far too big to bother with, but now they only list the length. As an international buyer, it makes me less inclined to buy from them as returning garments is bloody costly. Ah well.

Shoes are also on my wishlist. I love a good pair of shoes, as I'm sure I've mentioned before many times, but I tend not to buy any, as I just don't wear them. I stick to two pairs for the majority of the time until they wear out. My main issue with shoes is that I believe you should be able to walk in the damn things, preferably without crippling yourself. When I try on a shoe, I ask myself whether they're up to a night of walking, dancing and standing (or some combination of the three). If they don't meet a minimum of two requirements, I don't buy 'em.

I'm getting offtrack, aren't I? Basically, all I meant to say was that I've been eying off a pair of shoes at a local shoe store which UPDATED pass two out of three requirements (standing and walking - just) and are being sold for cheaper than their RRP. However, they only have one pair left in my size (9, if you're asking), and they're not the colour I'd prefer (green!). They are in trusty black though, and by gods, they makes my legs look incredible. Honestly, they look less ridiculous on my feet than they do in the website photo, and the green is much more saturated a colour:

"Hannah" shoe
$169.95 (Australian)
From RMK Shoes

Also on my wishlist is practically everything currently at Peter Alexander and Seychelles Footwear. I'd like some books, but at the moment, I'm one bookshelf down (my damn IKEA bookshelf broke), and in need of a storage solution for a mass of books currently stacked up against a wall. I'm thinking a piano stool would be lovely. I miss my piano so much, so a piano stool would be nostalgic for me, plus it could act as an extra seat for guests, a (somewhat high) footstool, and I could whack a good deal of books in there. Something like this:

Oxford Single Box Piano Stool
From Miller's Music Centre

...although looking at it, I doubt it would hold all the books currently bookshelf-less. Maybe a piano stool and some cube storage thingies from Freedom.

Apart from all that, I'd love some new perfume. The Body Shop has a new one out called Love Etc which has a few of my favourite notes in such as pear and jasmine.

From The Body Shop Australia

The fact that it comes in a parfum is good - none of that watered down toilette stuff! - and it's also available as a solid perfume, which makes it easier to carry some around with you without worries of it leaking or the bottle getting smashed. Naturally, The Body Shop have all bases covered and you can also buy moisturisers and shower gels with the scent in it too.

So there! That's my Christmas wishlist. Geez, it's pretty crap, isn't it? No real dreamy products or anything that isn't highly predictable for me. I must be getting old. Oh, maybe one more thing - a new swimsuit or some goggles. It's swimmin' season!

December 02, 2010


A few post ago, I mentioned how I would love some paper storage units, but was having trouble finding some that I liked. Well, I finally found the most gorgeous storage unit, and I want it so very, very, very, very much!!!

Here is the beauty...

From The Second Hand Shop

Of course, there is an issue: price. This beauty is priced at $2695 (Australian dollars). Excuse me whilst I faint.

*passes out*


She is so glorious, though, and the price is actually reasonable! But I simply can't afford her solid, Australian oak drawers. I've only seen her online, to be honest, but I am slightly in love. I don't really have a place to keep her, either, if I'm honest, so I suppose it's not meant to be. Maybe I'll meet her poor cousin, and run off with her instead....

Back to the drawing board...