December 31, 2010

A game of chess that'll make you stand up!

No, seriously - if you don't stand up, you won't be able to move the pieces around! Well, that is if you decide to play Straight Up Chess, the vertical version of chess. Let me show you what I'm babbling about:

Black Cherry Series with 3 1/2 inch Dark Scoop Frame
From Straight Up Chess

See? You hang the chessboard on your wall, and the pieces sit on little protruding shelves! Cool huh?!

I grew up with a beautiful chessboard my uncle made for my parents - a huge wooden table, with drawers for the pieces, plus a leather inlay with the board and images of my parents' star signs on it (hey, it was the 70s). I'm therefore of the belief that a chequerboard should be visible in one's home, even when not in use. It's distinguished! Possibly snobby, but then, so am I.

Straight Up Chess have a variety of boards, pieces and frames to choose from meaning you can go all snobbish and match the whole thing to your lounge room decor, or go all nerdy with unique pieces, making the thing even more of a talking piece. Let's peruse, shall we?

For the Egyptologist...

...jazz enthusiast...

...D&D freak...

...thankfully there are also traditional pieces in a choice of materials (wood, marble, pewter), which is more my cup of tea. They even have ideas for what to do with the pieces that get kicked off the board, which is very cute of them.

As for prices, most of the boards look set at around $200 (US), sans pieces/shipping. Obviously that's a little extravagant for poor ol' me, but...but but but!! I think I really want one. I know I really want to buy one for my boyfriend for his birthday. The last chess set I bought him was 'Beer Chess'. We've lost almost all the shot's time for an upgrade!

(Get it? Upgrade? Upgrade? Oh never mind. I laughed.)

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