January 25, 2011

The Bees Nees (and ankles, and feet)

Putting away some of my clothes yesterday, I realised that I own quite a lot of brightly hued things. There once was a time when my wardrobe was nothing but black and blue, with one or two streaks of red. Now, however, I'm happy to wear loud greens, sunshine yellows and saturated purples. Even pinks, would you believe?

This branching out into colour has made me want to be more adventurous in my choice of footwear. Most of my shoes are black are brown. I wanted my latest pair of heels to be green, but my size was only available in black. What I've been looking at a lot are yellow shoes, actually, or honey-toned shoes. Like so:

Just Like Honey Shoe
From Modcloth

From Seychelles

Not to mention the the Jeffrey Campbell Pencil Shoes that I'm wanting, of course. I've found myself really drawn to the colour yellow, more and more. Maybe it shows a brighter perspective of looking at things now? Ah, let's face it, I'm probably just craving these:

Honey Joys! Made by me!

Whatever the case, I certainly have honey on my mind...

Tootsies &...
Tootsies &... by groovykj

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