January 28, 2011

Nice Knockers!

You know the game of 'Pool', right? And you know about 'bowling'...right? Ever thought what it would be like if you combined the two? Sam Sparks did. Guess what he came up with?

Photo from Gizmodo

That's right. Knokkers.

Without getting into the slightly sexist advertising (including a really awful photo montage that shows more the assets of attractive young women in skirts, bending over to play the game, than the actual game itself), this looks pretty cool. Akin to the giant chessboard or even a giant keyboard, the full-body interaction with Knokkers is probably the biggest drawcard with this, the second depending on what kind of person you are. For me, that's being curious, but I'm guessing for lots of people, it would be being allowed to unleash their inner violent-and-destructive person out for a play.

The founder of the company is still getting Knokkers up-and-running, so I doubt I'll get to play the game with the official, custom-made Knokker balls and table unless I visit America. I want to though! Hopefully it gets up and running all over the world, just so I can have a game and see what all the fuss is about. Thus far, the website needs work, but you can find out more information with a quick google (NB: Make sure you spell it with the 'kk', not 'ck'...).

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