February 02, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company

Surely you have heard of these guys. I've mentioned them before, that's for sure.

They do the most wonderful, old-school satchels. The quality is top-notch leather, which, like a good pair of leather shoes, adjusts itself to the way you use the bag, stretching where necessary, but keeping it's strength and shape. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous colours too, depending on whether you want a retro, neo, or traditional look.

All images in this post from The Cambridge Satchel Company

Anyway! These guys have (thankfully!) been doing really well since I last posted, and appear to have been branching out into more old-school styled merchandise. Guess what they have now? Trunks! Not the elephant variety - the storage variety! And, would you look at that, I just happen to be in need of some storage! What a coincidence!

Oooh, it's so preeeeetty! And durable! And holloooooooow!! I could ram a bunch of my hoarded stuff into that and still retain some semblance of style and cleanliness around my home. Being a 'designer' (ha! I'm so pretentious), I have a lot of stationery crap which I keep, hideously disorganised to any eye but my own. There is a 'spare' room in my home, but it's shared, so space is limited. Compromises must be made....no! Territory must be won! I 'own' the space under the couch, and must keep it reasonably clean, otherwise I'll wake up one day to find it has been 'cleaned' for me (as happens to much of my territory when I sleep in on the weekend. It's an ongoing battle). Therefore, a lot of my 'crap' is 'stored' in wine boxes (nice ones), which look a bit neater than piles of paper.

Sooooo...how much cooler would it look to have the trunks instead? Okay, they probably wouldn't fit under the couch; they would have to sit in open territory. Thankfully, you can choose what kind of padlock you want on them, so they could still be mine, and only mine! Mwa ha ha! You can also choose whether or not to put caster wheels on them, which is pretty groovy. Oh! I love them. And want them. I'm so glad to see the company is doing well, and that they've been able to branch out a little more (even with school badges!) It really gives them a more full brand identity, but still shows that they're on the ball with what their customers want. I hope they get a classier website and logo up soon, but that's just me being pretentious.

Now...what colour and sized trunk do I want?

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