February 14, 2011


I am a complete sucker for bath/body/shower products. If I had a proper job, no doubt much of my salary would go on creams, lotions and potions to smother myself in (the rest would go on rent and booze), despite the fact that I know I don't necessarily need 101 products just to moisturise my skin. Pouring olive oil out of an easy-pour box in the kitchen to use as moisturiser may do the trick just as well as any cream, but it doesn't give one that sense of luxury and decadence that inferior products manage through marketing alone.

Of course, I don't like just any old product. I like the good stuff. I'm not a fan of mineral oil, sodium laureth sulfate or products that are mainly petroleum-based with a whallop of fragrance. However, I am completely sucked in to 'natural' products that are probably more like a homeopathic placebo than actually containing any substantial or beneficial amount of 'essence of blah' or 'super duper seed oil'.

I grew up thinking The Body Shop was the ultimate for good body products, but even though they have some cool stuff, the majority of it really is just pap (have you looked at the ingredient list for their Milk Bath? Buy some damn bi-carb soda, and you've practically got the same product [NB: bi-carb soda baths are actually really nice. You should try them!]). Now that I'm getting close to 30, I'm actually interested in finding a really good body moisturiser, and The Body Shop just doesn't quite cut it. I need something that doesn't just smell cute - I need something that might actually do what it says it's going to do.

My brand love of the moment is for L'Occitane. I have tried quite a few of their products, and I've not yet been disappointed. Their Shea Butter is like Nutrimetics' famous oil in that you end up keeping it in the first aid kit for things like cracked heels, wounds, scars and the like. My favourite product from L'Occitane would have to be one of their body oils....

Almond Supple Skin Oil
RRP AUS$64.95
From L'Occitane

...it is heavenly.

To be honest, I really didn't care if this moisturised/toned my skin or not; the fragrance was so delicious that I felt tantalisingly edible with it on me. Plus the sultry sensation of the oil gliding over and melting into the skin was such a divine experience, I found myself finding excuses to strip off and use the oil...not necessarily on myself, either. Bet you wanted to that, huh? Oh, and did I mention the packaging helped with the overall experience? The pump action on the glass bottle was smooth, and the oil seeped out in a gorgeous, steady, warm pool of golden nectar, almost like the mesmerising beauty seen when pouring honey from a jar.

My only problem with the oil was that, whereas other L'Occitane products have lasted me a good few months, this oil lasted me only 3 weeks, as I used it lavishly every day. It's supposedly great for pregnant women trying not to get belly stretch marks, but I could see that being an expensive habit over a 9-month period, though probably with intended results. All I know is that I haven't bought myself a second bottle of the stuff, because I know I could easily become addicted. I just loved the way it made me smell and feel.

So, instead of being able to afford to daily indulge in the supple-skin oil, I have to be kind to my purse and go the poor-man's option with Palmer's Shea Butter Formula, which is still nice, but not quite the luscious experience of the oil (btw, after the jump on that link, it says pure shea butter smells unpleasant, which I think is bollocks). That means, I have to covet and long for the day when I'll next get to oil myself...


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