February 24, 2011

Retro for the Modern

Okay, I'm pretty sure I've established my love of a good gimmick on here, but have I told you of my man's love of gadgets? Let me connect the two...

My man loves gadgets. He's a sucker for the latest technology, albeit the most commercial and highly advertised technology. He loves electronics and fiddly, little gadgets, so saves up his hard earned pennies to buy these things (by skimping on essentials like underwear, but that's another story) before they become horribly outdated. Only problem is, he's really not technologically minded, and he has rather large hands - this results in lots of expensive, broken toys/gadgets. The poor sod doesn't quite realise that he ill-treats some of his gadgets, and is always so crestfallen when he finds yet another cracked screen/overheated chip/water-damaged plug, that I haven't the heart to chide him for being so careless.

Even though my man loves his gadgets, he is actually quite retro in his tastes. He loves the 1960s vibe, with vibrant pop art colours and plump shapes, but - thankfully - also 'digs' the indulgence of the Art Deco scene. I like to encourage these Art Deco sensibilities to get myself more Art Deco stuff...

"Look at this floor lamp! Isn't it gorgeous? It would look great in the lounge room, don't you think?"
"Hmmm, it's nearly $100. We don't need a floor lamp, really"
"True, but it has that cool, Art Deco feel to it, see? You could use it as a reading lamp with your armchair"
"Hmmm...possibly, possibly"
"It'd make our flat look like Bertie Wooster's, but I suppose if we don't need..."
"Bertie Wooster? Really? No, you're right, we should buy it!"

...etcetera, etcetera. Therefore, when I come across something that's all-at-once gimmicky, retro and Art Deco-ish, I can't help but want it. There is often no need for it, but the fact that I know I like it, and that I won't really have to convince my man that he likes it, makes me that much more keen to get the damn thing, whatever it is, as there is something so satisfying about having things in your house which you both like.

So what am I looking at which is all-at-once gimmicky, retro and Art Deco-ish? Two things:

in Deluxe Silver
by freelandstudios at Etsy


USB Typewriter

That is, an iPhone charger, which also works like a traditional telephone handset for when talking on said iPhone, and a typewriter for your iPad. Cool, huh? What's doubly cool is that the big, retro keys and sturdy plastic/metal means my man is less likely to ruin the gadget, but the stylish design means I'm happy to have to thing on display/as an object d'art! Win-win! Yay!

Time to save those pennies, I guess.

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