February 08, 2011

Who the **** is Alice?

I've just been browsing some curious things, all to do with Alice in Wonderland (or Alice's Adventures In Wonderland).

Now, there are many 'styles' of Alice merchandise out there. For traditionalists, there's Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations from the original story; Disney offers its brightly hued cartoon merchandise to the mix along with Tim Burton's more Victorian flare; then there's American McGee's Alice, a video game which predates Tim Burton's film, and is of a much darker nature. There are other styles, of course, but most follow the styles of these listed (I'm not really a fan of the 'Slutty/Lolita Alice' stuff out there...it's just so wrong).

Personally, I like a the dark, gothic (well, emo) Alice of American McGee's style, but I really do love Sir John Tenniel's illustrations more. I have been wanting, for a while, to get a necklace with one of Tenniel's Alice illustrations on it, but haven't yet found the 'perfect' one. In the meanwhile, I've just been browsing some cute things...

T-shirts from Cafepress, by The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Mad Hatter Pill Box from The White Rabbit

Alice 'Drink Me' charm from My Vintage Charms

...nothing really stands out, though. There are some teapots and teacups/saucers out there, but nothing I really covet. Lenny's Alice In Wonderland Shop is pretty cool, It even has a section for creating your own Mad Hatter Tea Party, with flamingos and such, which is brilliant, but there still isn't stuff out there that turns me into a covetous mess.

I'm surprised there's not more quality stuff out there in the Alice genre. Or perhaps there is, and I'm just not finding it. Maybe I'll just have to read the story again to inspire me to make something myself. Either that, or trip out on some LSD...

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