September 06, 2011

It's been so long...

Dear Blog,

I've not written on you in far too long. I've not stopped coveting, wanting It's just I've been really focused on schooling. Not long now before I can back to being vapid and vain. I'm already back on track. I'm in love with a pair of shoes. Would you believe it - they're pink! And yet I rather love them. Just look at them:

Eric Michael Shoe - Kamielle
RRP $130

They're also rather lovely in blue, my favourite colour, but the fuschia is just so vibrant! I'm sure it'd bleed if it got wet, but ah well. I have these on a Wishlist at ModCloth, but haven't bought as I'm both broke and as ModCloth now only do international sales through PayPal (grumble).

Maybe when Summer finally hits Australia, these shoes will find their way into stores, and I will be able to have a Cinderella moment with them. For now, I will leave their image with you, blog, so you have a momento of me to hold onto whilst I go insane finishing up my final year of study.

Much love to you.
Miss you,

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